Hi Everyone!

Well, it’s pretty late and I’m super tired so this will probably be a short and sweet update, but I know that some of you (Mom) are looking forward to my daily blog post.

Today we had rehearsals for the big show tomorrow evening.  We learned and practiced the opening number, and a routine for fitness wear.  It was a lot of work and HUGE thanks to Shawn for all of his time and commitment to making sure that we look fabulous on stage!  We literally rehearsed all day long until around 5pm when we went back to our rooms to get all glammed up for a fancy supper.

As you can see, we all looked beautiful and it was so great to have a fun dressed up supper together!  It was the fanciest meal of french fries and chicken wings ever to be had! (and soooo yummy!) haha

Right after supper, we all went to watch our very talented sisters perform their talents and let me tell you, they were amazing! Miss Teenage Southern Ontario, Chanel, performed rhythmic gymnastics and it was my first time getting to see this specific activity being performed.  It was great!  Very Beautiful and graceful. Thank you for introducing me to such a beautiful art.

It’s now past time for getting some sleep so that I can do my best tomorrow.  I really hope that I make everyone proud.  I can honestly say that I have done my best and wouldn’t do anything different.  This has been an amazing experience and I encourage all girls to give it a try!  Feel free to message me anytime if you ever have questions or want to ask me more about my experience at the pageant!

Good night!



Miss Teenage Woodlands County 2021


Written by: Jenna