I can’t believe it, finals are tomorrow! Today was such a busy day, preparing our show for you all tomorrow. It consisted of lots of rehearsals, and of course our talent competition!

All of us delegates woke up bright and early to get started on rehearsals. We started off the morning practicing our walking with our wonderful chaperons, Marc and Hannah. Shawn, our amazing choreographer, then joined us, and we worked on our opening number and fitness number. 

Our talent competition was absolutely so much fun. I’ve been a dancer for 13 years, and dancing has always been something I’ve held close to my heart. It was such a blessing to be able to share my gifts today. All the girls did so amazing, and I loved watching everyone. 


Tomorrow is an early morning, so I’ll be logging off. I can’t wait for finals tomorrow, and seeing who the newly crowned Miss Teenage Canada will be!


Lots of love, 

Your Miss Jr. Teen Calgary 2021 


Written by: Xara