Isa…Dalawa…Tatlo…Apat 🇵🇭

Yesterday was day 4! Sorry for posting this a little later, I had to get my beauty sleep for today…. FINALS 🥳 Yesterday was a long day of rehearsals. Learning are opening number, and fitness wear number! I LOVE them. It was a lot of hard work, commitment, responsibility, and blisters, but those are only the few things i’ve learned from this week. I want to come back again. It was also the Talent show. Let me tell you all these girls were phenomenal! From dancing, ballet, singing, piano, etc. it was amazing. Im so proud of you guys. As Im writing this… We’re heading to our venue. I felt so fancy all dressed up then having chicken wings and fries after haha! The food yesterday was amazing. I am so excited to see who is the next MISS TEENAGE CANADA! Thank you everyone who made this experience amazing for me and all the other delegates.

Lots of love,

Arianna Ramsay

Written by: Arianna