One….Two….Three….FOUR! day 4!!

Hey everyone welcome back to my blog!! Today is Friday, August 27th 2021 and it was a longgg, amazing day. Today consisted of being interviewed by the lovely judges, and walking in athletic wear & evening gown šŸ‘—We all met for breakfast at 8:00am and like always it was impeccable šŸ„ž Then after that the girls who wanted to do their own hair from numbers 1-10 went to go do theirs! That includes me šŸ™‚ We were all required to do our own soft glam for our interviews as one on the judges wanted to see how we could put ourselves together. I went first… like always. It was really nice to be in front of the judges and be able to talk about the things that mean the most to me. Lunch was acquired after that and there was couscous! D E L I C O U S šŸ¤¤ We had some rest time before our prelims. My downtime was used touching up my hair and putting together my things! All of us who were in our rooms headed back to the dining room and everything happened so fast! Rehearsals with Shawn Cuffie also happened today šŸ™‚ Then… duh duh duhhh…. It was preliminary time! All the girls were supportive, encouraging backstage, and overall amazing tonight. Iā€™m beyond proud of everyone of us. Goodnight everyone! See you tomorrow

Lots of love,

Arianna RamsayšŸ’–

Written by: Arianna