I woke up bright and early today with feelings of nervousness as well as excitement as it was the day of preliminaries! I cannot believe that we are past the halfway point for Miss Teenage Canada. I am going to miss my gorgeous and compassionate pageant sisters so much!

We started the day off by getting our hair done and doing our own makeup to prepare for interviews! Modern College did my hair and I was so satisfied as it was definitely the best hairstyle I ever had in my entire life. The hairstylist made sure that even the smallest strand of hair wouldn’t block my face. After getting my hair done, I quickly made my way upstairs to my hotel room to get my makeup done. I was struggling so much trying to get my lashes on but after a few attempts I got them on! Then, I went down for my interview. I was so nervous and there were butterflies in my stomach while I was sitting on the chair counting down the minutes until my number would be called in. Right when I went in, I was so surprised to see Hanna as a judge! The judges made me feel so proud of what I was doing through my non-profit and how I raised $12,000 for neurodevelopmental disorders. I truly look up to every single judge as they had a special skill to make people feel better right away so I hope that when I am older, I can be as understanding and compassionate as them. It was so fun and after I realized that there was nothing to be scared about! After, Paola gave me a touch-up on my makeup, and let me just say this: she is the best makeup artist I have ever encountered! Make sure to check out her Instagram @paolasbeautybar! After that, the girls and I sat in a circle and we were saying phrases to each other in our other languages. I am so impressed by the amount of diversity within this pageant!

Then, we changed into some comfy casual clothing and went to the meal room to meet with Shawn Cuffie and he taught us so much about pageant poses and walks and we were all able to learn it so quickly so I would like to give a really big thanks to him. After some practice on the stage, it was finally time for preliminaries. I quickly grabbed a plate of dinner and ate it slowly, trying not to get it all over my lipstick. Unfortunately, I got some tomato sauce on my lipstick but that was totally fine because I just grabbed my lipstick out and touched it up! In preliminaries, we wore our fitness wear, which was kindly provided by Miss Teenage Canada) and our gowns. I loved all of the girl’s gowns and they were simply stunning! I was a little bit emotional after my gown walk, but I managed to keep my tears down and push through. Katarina and I then spent a long time listening to some music and winding down for the day.


Here is a photo of me with the gorgeous Miss Teenage British Columbia 2021, Marina. She and I talked about our high school plans for so long!

We won’t know the top 20 results until Sunday, so fingers crossed until that point! Have a great night and get some good nights rest!


Warmest regards,


Miss Teenage South Calgary 2021

Written by: Mandi