Hi Everyone!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that we are already half done pageant week!  Today we started the day by getting ready for our interviews.  Thank you to our wonderful stylists again!  I was so nervous because we have no idea what the judges are going to ask us and we go in one by one.   I think it went well though and the judges were so friendly that I had no reason to be nervous, in fact I had so much fun talking to them!  I didn’t get a picture in my interview dress (Sorry Mom) but I did get one dressed up for supper with Aichatou, Miss Teenage Monteregie 2021.

After an early dinner we has PRELIMINARIES!  We wore our fitness wear (provided by the pageant, all matching, and again, no picture, sorry Mom!) and evening gowns and all of the girls looked so beautiful.  There were so many different styles of dresses and every colour.  I love that I was able to catch up with Joanne, Miss Teenage Canada 2020 again who was hosting todays show.

Here’s me with Tatiana, Miss Teenage Manitoba 2021.  Isn’t she just gorgeous?

Well we won’t know the results from preliminaries until Sunday but please keep your fingers crossed for me!  Remember to vote in Catch the Crown, it closes tomorrow and every vote counts!



Love Jenna

Miss Teenage Woodlands County


Written by: Jenna