Helloooo again ! Today is August 26th, 2021… Also known as the third day of MTC 2021 📣 It has gone by soo fast. Let’s start!

This morning I woke myself up at 8:45am and got ready to head to breakfast! We all had our matching Miss Teenage Canada shirts and hats that we got the first night. This morning I had eggs and pancakes. Phenomenal 🍳🥞 After that we headed straight to the Tree trekking ! Tree trekking is not as easy as it looks guys… Today I learnt so much. I learned that hard work and dedication in needed in everything you do, even the small things. After profusely sweating in the obstacle courses for awhile we headed back to the resort for lunch! Like always… It was great! At this time all of us were so hot and excited to just just jump into the lake and we did! A bunch of pageant girls and I went on a float that pulled us across the lake! It was so much fun trying to not fall off. After all of that, we had dinner then head back to our rooms! I got my second roommate today, Joanne!! Our current Miss Teenage Canada. We got her settled in and we headed to our fire 🔥We danced, sang, did some runway to hype each-other up. Truly an amazing experience.  Even got to know amazing Joanne. A few girls went to star gaze (including me) for a couple moments. Peaceful.

That’s all 🙂 Such a fun day i’ll never forget

Lots of love,

Arianna Ramsay – Miss Jr. Teen Central Alberta

Written by: Arianna