Today was day 3 of Miss Teenage Canada and it was so fun because it was activity day! We got to sleep in this morning unlike the other days and once we woke up, we were so ready and energized to tackle the activities presented to us for the day. For breakfast, I sat with my pageant sisters and we made some good laughs while enjoying some nutritious eggs, toast, and pancakes to fuel us for the action-packed day. To add to this, I was wearing my awesome MTC merch which was a shirt and hat!

After breakfast, we went straight to the treetop trekking location. The location was simply beautiful as it was deep within the woods and luscious forests covered the course. After an extremely helpful safety orientation, my pageant sisters and I went straight into the course with excitement filling our bodies. At first, I was a little bit scared of how high the heights were, but my supportive pageant sisters calmed me down and made me feel safe. The course had fun obstacles like zip lines, tunnels, and wooden steps that move. It was not only exhilarating but tested my fitness levels to the limit. I spent the rest of the course with a smile on my face, as well as sweat dripping across my body. What a workout! To cool off from the heat, we were told that we were going to go to Horseshoe Lake to engage in some wonderful and fun activities.


All the pageant sisters and I were so afraid that there were going to be leeches that were going to suck all of the blood out of our bodies! However, this was all just false. We enjoyed the whole afternoon having so much fun and truly bonding. We started off swimming near the beach and soon after, all the girls wanted to go onto the hotdog tubing ride. Xara (Miss Jr Teen Calgary), Arianna (Miss Jr Teen Southern Alberta), Aaliya (Miss Teenage Quebec), and I spent a whole hour sitting on the sand talking about our future plans as well as engaging in some funny jokes. After waiting for a few hours, it was finally time to get onto the hotdog! Aaliyah and I had so much fun even though we got flipped over 2 times. After we finished tubing, Xara, Arianna, and I had some swimming races and that was one of the hardest workouts I did this week!


After we finished dinner, we quickly went to our rooms and changed into some comfy clothes, and got ready for dinner. For dinner, we had some delicious beef stir fry, salad with a raspberry dressing, and to end it off: apple pie. Then, Marc announced that we were going to have a campfire after dinner and we met the beautiful Miss Teenage Canada 2020 Joanne Shao! She was such a nice girl and she answered every single question we had; it was so helpful. Not to mention, I also received my official headshots back and the photos were amazing! I am so glad that the photographers did such a good job! Then Katarina and I ended off the night by dancing to some uplifting music to get us reading for preliminaries and interviews tomorrow! Have a wonderful night and sweet dreams!


Warmest regards,


Miss Teenage South Calgary 2021

Written by: Mandi