Hey there! It was the second day of Miss Teenage Canada 🇨🇦 and let me tell you.. It was AMAZING.

My day started off at 7:00am and then I headed straight to the bathroom to fix myself up. After that we headed to meet all the other girls 🙂 Breakfast was quick and short paced but it was delicious as always. Quickly after that followed our makeup and hair glam! I’m #1 so I headed to it first. Thank you again to Michelle and Paola for spending your time and effort on my makeup, It means the world and a huge warm thank you to the hair team (You killed all of the girls looks). Since I’ll first up I was the first to attend the photo and video shoot! I’m really proud of myself and all the other girls. We waited around for a bit as more girls finished then we headed to lunch. Words can’t even describe how delicious lunch was. We had options of pasta and salad! Second rounds of plates for me were involved 🍝 I LOVE pasta. Any kind. My stomach couldn’t take anymore after that but we need to treat ourselves once in awhile 🙂 Hanna took us back to our rooms and we chilled out for a bit. Naps were in business…. Shhh. After some snoozes we went for dinner. Mashed potatoes, Chicken with spinach, and salad. Mmmmm 🤤 The night was amazing. I’ve gotten so close with the girls and more has yet to come 🔜 We got to try on dresses for our opening number and they are GORGEOUS AH!! I’m so excited for you guys to see them! In this try on, we also got the same pair of shoes, and athletic wear. Sweet 😆 We were escorted to our rooms (like always, safety first) and then I called my family. It’s always nice to have a support system behind you. Anyways!That’s all for me tonight. Sleep well <3

Lots of love xoxo,

Miss Jr Teen Central Alberta – Arianna Ramsay #missteenagecanada #teenagecanada2021

#missjrteencentralalberta2021 #calgarypageants @teenagecanada #mtc2021

Written by: Arianna