Today was a day that was filled with waiting and patience but despite that, it turned out to be a great one. Katarina and I woke up bright and early to meet up with the others for breakfast. Once we got to the dining room, the smell of warm pancakes, eggs, toast and fruits filled up the room. I decided to consume a few pancakes, eggs and an apple. The meal was not only delicious, but also filling to keep me energized for the day.

After having breakfast, we went straight to get our hair done and makeup. Because there were so many girls waiting to get glammed up, we had to be patient and it was a great time to catch up with my pageant sisters. After a little bit of waiting, I got my hair curled by Tia. She did such a great job of curling my hair especially considering the fact that my straight hair is super hard to curl! While she was doing my hair, she and I had a great conversation about some old music and her wonderful singing skills! If you guys ever need a great hair artist, make sure to check out @tiasjourney_inhairschool. Then, I got my makeup done by Paola, who is a truly talented artist. I would also like to thank Michelle Weswaldi for doing some of the delegate’s makeup.

A few hours later, I was down in the modern basement doing my photoshoots and video shoots. The photographer and videographer did an excellent job at making sure that I was comfortable and even made me feel more confident than before. Although I messed up a few times on the platform speech because of me being nervous, at the end, I was able to successfully finish the speech.

After I finished my photoshoot, I quickly ran upstairs to get into my room to change into some comfortable clothes. I put on an oversized shirt and some comfortable running shorts and headed to dinner with my roommate, Katarina. Dinner was simply delicious with food consisting of a perfectly marinated chicken breast with spinach, caesar salad, boiled potatoes and to end off the night, we had some moist cake from the other night. I was so surprised when I heard that we would receive our opening number dress, fitness wear, and shoes! At the first sight of looking at those items, I was mind blown at how beautiful the items were. I love them so much! On the way back to our rooms, my pageant sisters and I just had to get a cute photo together. I love them so much! <3

Stay tuned for my day 3 post which is going to be the activity day! This week so far has been simply amazing and I am getting closer and closer to my pageant sisters each day.

Warmest regards,


Miss Teenage South Calgary 2021

Written by: Mandi