In this blog.. I’m telling you 30 things that are on my bucket list ➡️ which I want to complete before I’m 30. Just a fun blog to get some stress off my chest. Hope you enjoy it <3 (These aren’t in order)

  1. Travel to Greece
  2. Write a sentence of gratitude for 30 days straight.
  3. Take a Hot Air Balloon ride
  4. Buy a house
  5. Study to become a paediatric oncologist
  6. Run a marathon
  7. Have a “say yes” day
  8. Go to more concerts
  9. Sky diving
  10. Write a Letter to my senior/older self
  11. Adopt my own cat or dog
  12. Watch my best friends get married
  13. Say yes to a dress 💍
  14. Buy car
  15. Get my license
  16. Prom-posal
  17. Watch the olympics in person
  18. Compete as a figure skater in the Alberta Winter Games
  19. Get a Tarot card reading
  20. Climb a mountain
  21. Scuba Dive
  22. Travel the world
  23. Taste every coffee flavour
  24. Watch a sunset with the love of my life
  25. Fancy proposal
  26. Graduate High school and University 🎓
  27. Specialize in Oncology
  28. Learn how to play guitar
  29. Re- learn piano
  30. Get into my dream school

Lots of love,

Arianna Ramsay || Miss Jr. Teen Central Alberta

Written by: Arianna