Hi Everyone!
I’m so excited that I am finally here in Ontario for the pageant! The last 24 hours have been so crazy for me that I can hardly remember all of the details! For starters, I had to leave home and move into my dorm room at university before getting on the plane for Nationals. This will be my first year at university and living in the dorm will help me make new friends and have new experiences. It was a bit scary and overwhelming, but at least I know where I will be sleeping for the rest of the year now! Then, just 14 hours after moving into my dorm room, my parents were back to pick me up to drive me to the airport where they got me onto my plane and wished me good luck. I wish that they could be here with me this week, but they know that I am in good hands and will follow everything online! I soon felt very lucky because Kate, Miss Teenage Camrose County 2021 was on the very same flight so I had a familiar face to travel with.

When we landed, we quickly met up with Marc, our chaperone and Rose Miss Teenage New Brunswick and waited for more of the girls to arrive. I was so excited to see Katerina (Miss Teenage North Calgary 2021) again! We had the BEST time at regionals and I’m so excited to make more memories with her this week. We all had so much fun waiting at the airport taking photos with little girls who thought that we were beautiful princesses, haha!

 Getting to the hotel, I got to know my roommate better. Jessica (Miss Teenage Lower Mainland) was also at last year’s pageant and she is so helpful and supportive. I know that we are going to have a great week together!


Once we got settled it was time for the real fun to begin! I surprised everyone with my distinct lack of vocal skills during Karaoke, and ate seriously yummy pizza. We also got spoiled with lots of goodies. I can’t believe the day is already over, but at the same time so much has happened and I’m ready for some sleep now, so check back tomorrow for another update.

Good night!


Miss Teenage Woodlands County 2021

Written by: Jenna