Today was an amazing first day as it was the first of Miss Teenage Canada 2021. I woke up at 3:00 am to go catch a flight to Toronto. I packed my bags, changed my clothes, and put my sash and crown on to leave for the Calgary Airport. When I arrived, I was greeted warmly by the welcoming WestJet staff and a couple of minutes later, I met up with Arianna and Katarina; I was so ecstatic to be able to fly with them! We took photos with a grand Alberta flag and afterward, said our goodbyes to our parents to head towards security.

Once we finished with security, we realized that we were all starving so therefore, we dined at the Burger Federation. The people who worked at the airports were all so compassionate towards us and sent us along with good luck. I was so grateful. Before I knew it, we had landed in Toronto. WestJet did such a good job at keeping passengers safe with masks mandates and safety demonstrations with masks on. Right when we got our luggage from the carousel, we embraced with our other Alberta sisters: Jenna and Kate. To add to this, I also got to meet Miss Teenage New Brunswick, Rose, and we got to get closer. We also got to meet with our chaperone Marc and he was so good at making sure that we were safe and weren’t hungry.  It was truly amazing to catch up with each other and we even got some young princesses to ask us to take photos with them. I am so grateful to be able to be a role model for the younger generation.

After a few hours, we made it to the resort and checked in to our rooms. I was beyond excited to be roommates with Katarina and I am looking forward to seeing how close we get this week. A little while afterward, we were called down for the PJ party. The PJ party was truly so entertaining and amazing as I got to get close and know all the delegates. The pizza dinner was absolutely delicious I found that the karaoke was the best part of the night because we all got to bond, enjoy ourselves and break our voice with our amazing and loud singing. Not to mention, the photoshoot station was extremely memorable too! After the wonderful night ended, we were given Miss Teenage Canada merch and items which were so wonderful. I will definitely be using that curler! Katarina and I ended off the night by editing our videos and talking about our day and it was truly a memorable first-day experience. I can’t wait for the photoshoot day tomorrow!

Warmest regards,


Miss Teenage South Calgary 2021

Written by: Mandi