Hey everyone welcome back to my blog.

Right now i’m on a plane to Toronto. Yay!! Today I want to talk about Flight/ Airport Anxiety. Even though i’ve never intensely struggled with this, I know it’s a huge impact of others lives. I’m not going blabber about how I feel, i’m going to talk about coping mechanisms. Sometimes when i’m in the Airport I feel this sense of anxiety, nervousness, etc. Recently with my mental health journey i’ve been finding coping mechanisms that work for me, and maybe even you! Just a reminder before I say anything… I am in no way a doctor of any sort and am in no way diagnosing anything. Anyways! A coping mechanism that works for me is breathing patterns. Counting 6 seconds of inhaling and exhaling in 6 sets works great for me. It takes my mind off the stress of a busy airport or a flight that’s about to take off. Secondly, something that works tremendously for me is tapping my fingers to a beat of a song I know I like 🎵 Tapping the thumb to each finger even without a song puts my mind on counting.

Lastly, something that calms me down is phoning someone close to you or talking to your parents! I love being reassured everything is going to be okay.📱Well I should head back to sleep haha 💤 I hope this helped the slightest bit!

Lots of Love 🙂

Miss Jr Teen Central Alberta – Arianna Ramsay 🦋

Written by: Arianna