Hello everybody! I hope you guys are all doing wonderful on this beautiful summer day. I truly cannot believe that Miss Teenage Canada is coming up in 2 days! I am so proud of everything that my pageant sisters have accomplished so far in their reigns. I would like to just take the time to talk about and spread awareness on a topic that I believe is very critical: embracing all of your insecurities.

As COVID-19 impacted every single individual’s life these past 2 years, there was more time to spare for everybody to work and reflect on themselves. Personally, I noticed that there were certain flaws in my body which resulted in me wanting to change it. As squash courts closed down and the fear from the words “pandemic” went into my ear, I was scared to go outside. Therefore, I spent my time in boredom reflecting on the parts that I was not satisfied with: the birthmark on my face, the pimples on my forehead, the fat on my stomach, etc. I was so jealous and inspired by social media gurus and how in every photo, there was not one single acne spot on their face and they had a perfectly toned body with no fat. I grew an image in my head of how only “skinny” girls were pretty. In order to attempt to look like those social media stars, I would work out for hours on end and also diet. 

This toxicity resulted in me developing an unhealthy relationship with food. After a few months, I thought that I could finally look like what I saw on Instagram, but instead, I came to the conclusion that social media can sometimes be fake as our modern world is filled with editing software like photoshop and angles. For example, below on the left is what my body looks like with good angles and on the right hand, is what it looks relaxed and under another angle. Both sides are beautiful!

If any of you ever feel bad that you don’t look like those models on social media, don’t be. You should be so proud of yourself for all that you are. Think about everything your body allows you to do on a daily basis. This could be breathing, walking, running, or digesting the food that you consume. These things may at first seem small, but when you really think about them, they are crucial in keeping you alive, healthy, and happy. I learned to love my body for what it was and how it was able to provide for me anywhere I went. I started to appreciate the parts of me that I previously believed to be flawed and I realized that different body types and shapes are what make us unique and different. A person’s belly fat, cellulite, stretch marks, acne are all so beautiful and perfect. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! Keep loving yourself and keep being the compassionate and amazing human beings you are!

Warmest regards,


Miss Teenage South Calgary 2021


Written by: Mandi