A huge aspect of pageantry is getting out in your community, and creating change. As a titleholder, one of our main duties is to choose a platform and advocate for it. Volunteering is something that’s always been important to me. From an early age, the virtue of volunteering and helping others has been taught to me by my incredible parents. I had the opportunity to volunteer with many organizations, one being orphanages in my Mother’s home country, Sri Lanka.

Throughout my experience working with these orphanages I learnt that individuals, specifically young girls, didn’t have access to education or the resources needed to succeed in life. As a dedicated learner I felt compelled to do something about this, which is why I decided to support young girls education as my platform.

Over the course of the pandemic I had the opportunity to create my own company called Serendipity. Our mission is to empower women, through the sales of our merchandise, and use 70% of the profit to help support young girls education in developing countries.

With the help of Cause Canada, we are able to help individuals that have needed to drop out of school for personal reasons such as child brides and pregnancies, and give them the opportunity to learn important life skills that they may not have learnt prior. For every $187 dollars that we raise, we are able to support 15 girls in a community on their journey to education.

I’m so excited to be representing and speaking on behalf of this platform at the Miss Teenage Canada 2021 pageant. If your interested in supporting these girls, and giving them educational opportunities, please visit my companies Instagram page @serendipity_canada_ .

Some items included in the Serendipity clothing line!

Lots of love,
Miss Jr Teen Calgary

Written by: Xara