Hello everyone, welcome to my blog! My name is Mandi and I am so grateful to have been crowned with the title of Miss Teenage South Calgary 2021. It has only been a few months since the start of my reign, but I have already contributed an abundant amount to my community. I can only imagine what the next year will provide for me. I am beyond enlivened for the national Miss Teenage Canada pageant coming up in the next few weeks. So, without further ado, I would like to provide an introduction about myself.

Born in 2006 and raised in Calgary, Alberta, my parents immigrated from China to provide me with a better life filled with plentiful opportunities. I never really understood the meaning of companionship from the beginning of my life until four years later, my sister was born. Throughout these long years with her, although we have sibling fights every so often, she has shown me humor, compassion, and love in ways that I could have never imagined. My family has always provided me with an overwhelming level of support and taught me to look at things positively, rather than negatively.

Aside from being a loving family member, I have many passions that I spend a large amount of time pursuing. Some of these passions include writing, camping, hiking, playing squash, and coaching/teaching. Squash was a sport that I never thought that I would ever try due to the fact that after eight years of ski racing, I thought nothing would ever stop me from exiting that sport. However, at the beginning of 2019, I was forced to have foot surgery that changed my life forever. Considering the fact that doctors said that I would never be allowed to ski race again, I told myself to find a sport that I would love just as much. Therefore, I tried out fencing, volleyball, and track and field. But I never really found a true passion in these sports. So, I decided to try one final sport: squash. The moment I hit the ball onto the wall, I knew that this was the sport that I would love. As a result, I spent the next few years training as hard as I could, and finally, my efforts paid off. I got a ranking of 6th in Alberta and was invited to the official Alberta team. I am so grateful that my parents let me try so many sports to find the one I loved. However, I am still in touch with my skiing side as I got my level 1 ski instructing license and spend my time coaching kids younger than me so I can help them follow their dreams.

As a devoted rising sophomore, I am so exhilarated to be taking on the full International Baccalaureate program. I know that this course has the ability to truly push me past my limits and bring my motivations higher. High school is the next step of my life and frankly, I simply cannot wait to see what it will bring. Whether it is the plentiful amount of new friends I will make, switching to a completely different mascot, or finding clubs that I will enjoy, I know that high school will help me in becoming the character that I have always wanted to be.

Other than my passions, another critical aspect of my life is volunteering. From grade 6, every summer  I have spent every day being a camp counselor at a camp for kids with disabilities and during the school year, I volunteer at an extracurricular club for children with disabilities.  I am grateful for the children with disabilities who share a small part of their lives with me. It is extremely rewarding to get the chance to see the world from a perspective that is different from my own. In August of 2020, I started considering the impacts that Covid has made on children and the socioeconomic gap it created in education. Therefore, along with two other incredibly intelligent students, we co-founded the internationally recognized organization, Bright Youth Journey. We provided children with free virtual education and even provided events where they could dive deep into passions like skiing, singing, and volunteering. Through this, currently, we now have 800 kids, 14 student teachers and have raised over $12,000 for different charities. I hope that by the time I graduate, Bright Youth Journey can raise over $50,000 for these charities! I guess we can only see what happens in the future!

I cannot believe that I will be heading to Miss Teenage Canada in less than 2 weeks. I will have the chance to meet all of the gorgeous and intelligent delegates and create a lifelong sisterhood with them. In the meantime, I am following along on all the delegates’ journeys and I truly cannot be more proud of what amazing things they have accomplished so far! I will be posting about my platform in a different post so be sure to watch out for that. You can tag along on my journey on my Instagram @missteenagesouthcalgary2021.

Warmest regards,

Mandi Jin

Miss Teenage South Calgary 2021

Written by: Mandi