Over the course of my pageant journey, I have had the opportunity to plan, organize, and attend events to support many important causes. One of my most eye opening moments during this time has been to see the generosity of Canadians. In a time where we constantly hear devastating news in the media around hate and crimes, it can be hard to see the light amongst it all. That’s why these moments- these little sparks of light are so precious.

Just in the course of the past few months I have seen so many amazing moments where strangers, who don’t even know me, were more than willing to support the causes I was raising awareness for. One of my favorite examples is just before Covid happened, I was at my local Sobeys collecting donations for the Veterans food drive. Here I got to meet many people around my community, including Veterans, who shared some of their inspiring stories. Many people I encountered during my food drive were just going into the store to buy bananas, or milk, but came out of the store carrying bags of food selflessly for my food drive. I even encountered people that forgot to get food for the drive and even went back into the store just to buy food and donate.

Another event where I was touched by the generosity in people’s hearts was during an event I organised in support of Childrens and Adolescents mental health called The Longest Drive for Mental Health. Here I met so many wonderful people that donated so selflessly. I met people that had gone through their own mental health battles and got to hear their inspiring stories of overcoming them. There were so many people that wanted to help others going through mental health issues, and shared stories of how they overcame some of the things they went through. As well as people that just merely wanted to make the world a better place. I even met people that donated just for the sake of donating and didn’t even ask to participate in the event in return of their donation. I specifically remember one man walking by and putting a $100 bill in my donation jar.

During Covid I was also blessed with the opportunity to join a Facebook Group called YYC Covid-19 volunteers. Here, I saw many posts from low income families and less fortunate people that desperately needed help as Food Banks were experiencing shortages of food supply. I had the opportunity to set up a food drive around my community and even at my local Walmart to collect food for The Food Bank and drop it off at their warehouse. There I saw many lines of cars of people that desperately needed food. I feel so blessed to live in such a supportive community of people with such big hearts, that are willing to give so much!

At the beginning of my pageant journey I knew the world was good. But meeting, and actually seeing these people, have shown me, and proven to me that the world is an amazing place. A place filled with selfless, loving, caring people that have such big hearts. These people have inspired me so much, and I am so grateful to have met them! Their gestures of kindness is something I will never forget.


Written by: Xara