A lot of the time when I tell people that I participate in pageants, I get dirty looks, or the ironic “oh you do beauty pageants”. And if I’m being honest here, I’m sure that I would do the exact same thing, had I not been educated on what a pageant really is. Which is exactly why I’m going to be telling you all, the truth about pageants.

Now, what really is a pageant? Well, the way society and film make it to be, it sounds absolutely terrible. It conveys messages to viewers that the pageant world is all about being the skinniest girl with the perfect body and absolutely no imperfections. Which is not at all, how the pageant world works. The pageant world is one to open many opportunities for women and men on a National and Global level. Instead of the focus being around who’s the prettiest, it’s shifted to the girl that exudes confidence through her imperfections. It’s a world where you learn who you are over the course of your journey. It’s not about the glamour, the dresses, or the shoes, it’s about standing up for the causes you believe in and making a difference. The pageant world teaches you so many important lessons, like public speaking, and interview skills, and gives you a chance to have a voice on a National or Global stage, and teaches you that no matter your age or gender, you can change the world. It’s a place where you learn to be confident in yourself and every single thing about you, including your imperfections. It’s not a place where you meet your rival that you battle for the crown with, it’s a place where you meet lifelong sisters that uplift each other and encourage each other to the crown.

Doing pageants was the greatest choice I have ever made in my life, and I would not have it any other way. It’s given me so many opportunities, and led me to meeting some of the greatest friends I will ever have in life. Which is why I am proud to call myself a true pageant girl!

Have a wonderful day,

Written by: Xara