Have any of your friends ever given you a strange look after you tell them you are going to a pageant? Well, if I am being honest, some of mine sure have. There is this really dark stigma around pageantry, and it’s simply the first few thoughts that pop into one’s head when they hear the word. Sadly for many, the first picture or conclusion they make is that a pageant is simply to determine who is the slimmest, most beautiful and who can pose. People think this way because they don’t know any better, and truthfully it’s not their fault. As pageant girls, leaders, role models and titleholders, I feel like it is our duty to break the stigma revolving pageants and spread the. word on what it’s really all about!

I don’t need to explain, because everyone here knows exactly what I mean. You ladies also know exactly what the true meaning of pageantry is and what it’s all about. The passion, the drive, the dedication it takes to be a titleholder. The responsibility and the essentialness in being 110% committed.

Here’s what I would absolutely love for all us ladies to do: simply post a short clip about what pageantry means to you, and what Miss Teenage Canada is all about- the aspects that the public eye might not see.

Maybe a few instagram posts can’t change everyone’s opinions, but we have to start somewhere, and it’s about time.

Thank you

~ Sophia Lia

Written by: Sophia L