I cannot BELIEVE that today was our second last day at Miss Teenage Canada! Today was a lot of hard work but a total blast! We got to learn our super cool opening number with our incredible choreographer Shawn Cuffie who put up with my two left dancing feet. I may have blisters, but I have a heart full of excitement. We also had our great chaperone Marc take us to get beaver tails after dinner and share in a circle our thoughts about this week. There was quite a consensus–it was amazing. We all shared how appreciative we were of the incredible friendships we had made. I honestly didn’t expect to make so many friends SO quickly while here, but this was a group of unique and incredible girls that I am so happy to share the stage with tomorrow.

Since this is my last daily blog post before crowning, I just wanted to shout some people out. Firstly my amazing family who supported me through all this, and my sponsors like Keylime Athletics and the Dress Lounge. I would also like to thank Angeline and the team from Bells and Bows Bridal for providing me my dream gown that I cannot wait to wear tomorrow and all of my great friends back home. I would also like to give a big virtual hug to all the other amazing girls I met this week especially my incredible roomate Vanessa for supporting me so much this week and to our chaperones Marc and Sami who made us feel so welcome from the moment we arrived at the airport. I would also like to thank the reigning MTC Emma for being the best role model and support to all of us.

No matter what happens tomorrow, I love you all and I am beyond thankful to Michelle Weswaldi and MTC-MWC for making this possible.

Written by: Sophia W