Day 3: Kindness Journey to Miss Teenage Canada!

Only in Canada! Lol

“If you want to find happiness, find gratitude.”- Steve Maraboli

Today’s theme is gratitude, for a grateful heart is content, filled with appreciation, and truly a magnet for miracles. I was able to show my gratitude and spread my message through my kindness rocks today and the people I got to meet!

One of the first people I was able to show my gratitude to was the construction workers for all their hard work and help to keep us safe on the roads across our beautiful country. The smile on the construction worker girl’s face and a small tear in her eye truly lifted my soul and inspired me to keep going with my message! Once we hit the road again I met another beautiful soul and of course had to gift her with a kindness rock as a message and inspiration of hope!

As the long journey continued I even found a beautiful rock someone else had hidden so I decided to keep it and replace it with one of my Kindness Rocks for someone else to find and be inspired!

At the Terry Fox Monument in Thunder Bay!

After that, we stopped at the Terry Fox monument! Terry Fox is a huge inspiration, leader, and hero of yesterday whose story continues to inspire the heroes of tomorrow! I’m very grateful to have been able to show my respect and gratitude by taking the time to stop and leaving a Kindness Rock with a new friend. My new friend’s name is Michelle who has M.S she was so grateful to have received a kindness rock and was so beautiful inside and out. It made me feel empowered to have given her a kindness rock and include her on my kindness journey!

Gifting my new friend Michelle with a rock of kindness!

When we got back on the road we had to stop at the amethyst mine and show our gratitude by taking appreciation for the beautiful wonders on earth planted by god. For all the glory goes back to god! I even left a rock as a symbol of kindness at the Amethyst Mine!

Picking rocks at the Amethyst Mine!

Planting rocks at the Amethyst Mine!

Spreading more kindness and smiles!

On our way to Terrace, Bay where we will be staying tonight I even got to leave another rock of kindness with a lady I met while we were filling up with gas to keep going. Stay tuned for my blog tomorrow night for more stories on how I am spreading my message of kindness throughout Canada all the way to the Miss Teenage Canada stage with my kindness rocks! Stay safe everyone I love you all so much and never forget how gratitude is an essential part of being present when you go deeper into the present gratitude will arise spontaneously!

Replacing the rock with a kindness rock!

Lucky rock I found!

Written by: Janaya