I just wanted to start off with saying thank you for everything. The support on my journey to Miss Teenage Canada #mtc2020 has been insane. I am such a lucky girl to have supportive parents who allow me to follow my dreams and pursue what makes me happy. On top of that, the support from my friends and fellow delegates is absolutely amazing. So many people made this possible, and I could not imagine MTC without their support. This journey has been crazy fun and as I prepare to leave for nationals this upcoming Monday, (2 days ahhh!) I’ve been really reflecting on everything that’s happened throughout the last 6 months and I realize more and more daily how blessed I am.

MTC has offered so many opportunities in my life and has inspired me so much to keep pushing out my word on mental health. MTC has also given me an incredible platform to inspire and share my knowledge and perspective on mental health, and for that I will forever be so thankful.

Looking back 6 months ago, my life was so different. Miss Teenage Alberta was my very first pageant and going into it I was scared. I didn’t know what to expect, and I had no idea what the outcomes would look like. I didn’t know anyone there, and now thinking about the amount of amazing girls with the same intention I’ve had the honour of meeting is absolutely crazy. Little did I know that a few months down the line I would be preparing to leave for nationals.

I am so excited and I cannot wait to see what’s next in life ?


Sophia Lia

Written by: Sophia L