I am going to tell you a little bit about my platform and what inspired it. As you can see in my earlier blog post, I love the arts. I have been performing since I was a young child, and I have acted in dozens of productions and one acts through my school career and have even taken classes at Edmonton’s own Citadel Theatre (and performed there.) I suffered from a great deal of anxiety as a child, and being able to express myself creatively helped me work through that. Collaborating with others on something you are passionate on is a great way to tackle mental health, so for me my platform was an easy pick. Campaigning the importance of the arts and arts education for youth. I had reached out to numerous studios and theatres, eager to work to provide arts opportunities for youth who struggled with their mental health.

Some donated tickets from Rapid Fire Theatre

Then, all of Canada and the world was impacted by Covid-19 and theatres and galleries were forced to close. I was still determined to help support Edmonton’s art community, but I knew the focus had to be on the brave essential workers keeping us all safe. I had to adapt my platform, and promoting art and artists in my community in an effort to support essential workers became the new game plan. Out of this was born the #essentialworkersdeserevecrowns campaign. The idea was to post a picture of yourself holding a crown and tag an essential worker or essential worker group to “crown,” them for their achievements. Beyond the symbolic meaning, it also promoted the Gore Mutual fund, which is working to support essential workers in Canada right now. To my surprise and wonder, over EIGHTY pageant girls joined this trend. Miss World Canada 2019, Miss Teenage Canada 2019 and 2018, Miss Teen Globe America’s, Miss Tourism Canada, Miss Earth Canada 2019, as well as my amazing MTC pageant sisters joined in. International queens from Mexico and the USA also joined and it was incredible to see!

Some of the amazing ladies who joined EWDC

My next step is to start an art auction to promote local artists in my community to raise money for MTC’s Make A Wish Foundation and the Gore Mutual Fund! Stay tuned for news on that!



Written by: Sophia W