Hello everyone and welcome to a new blog post! I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. As this crazy fun pageant week awaits us all, I wanted to share just a little bit about my recent project I launched, Sophia Lia Magazine.

Mental health is always important, but I have noticed in the past few months how deeply people struggle with it. Not just teens, but everyone. The pandemic really allowed us to spend time with ourselves, and through that we paid more attention to feelings and emotions. Being a youth whose been through mental health struggles, I understand how it can feel. Sometimes it feels like you are alone, or the only person who’s going through a certain challenge. After realizing more and more that so many teens face these types of mental health diversities, I wanted to make a change. I needed to help others and provide with something that could really, truly help.

That’s when the idea of starting my own magazine budded. With the intention of creating a space and a resource where youth can access it all- advice, professional help, survival stories and more. In addition, I wanted to provide a place where teens feel safe to open up and talk about what they’ve been through.

I’ve been so incredibly blessed to reach many strong individuals through this magazine. People who didn’t even know me had faith in this team project and blessed it with their story. Bethany Hamilton selflessly agreed to grace the cover and write about her challenges she had been through, and for her to do that was truly amazing. She is a really positive role model for so many people.

What I ask of you is this: if you have a story, advice or something you want to contribute about mental health and you feel ready to share, please do. Teens need us, more than just teens but all people. Humanity needs to see and understand that they are not alone, and I really can’t do this without you.

So many thanks and looking forward to seeing my pageant sisters next week!

xx Sophia Lia

Written by: Sophia L