Photo from my graduation this past June

My graduation day!

Hello everyone! My name is Kealey Atkinson and I am the reigning Miss Teen Southern Alberta. I am 18 years old and I recently graduated from High School. The last few months of school were really quite a blur with a pandemic going on and just with it being my senior year. Although it was very  tough at times, I still managed to complete the year with good marks and be accepted into my top university choice. My school years consisted of many, many hours of studying, but also lots of amazing memories. Time I spent outside of studies was filled with dance classes, family fun, and participation around my community. These activities are actually a few of the greatest reasons I took an interest in pageantry. My current experience with pageants has taught me that there are many components that make up a queen. The first one that caught my eye was community involvement, but from there I was hooked by the glam aspect as well as becoming a role model. There is still so much I do not know, but I look forward to learning through my journey!

I am currently working very hard to start my own campaign that will be built upon motivating our youth to become more involved in their communities. My plan is to share the many benefits giving back can have, and share as many different opportunities to become involved as possible. I also will be sharing tips to become involved for those that live in areas that I am unable to advertise positions in. The idea for this project came to me when I was trying to choose an official platform for my pageant journey. I discovered that it was rather difficult to choose simply one cause to support when there are so many dear to my heart. Some examples of my work include volunteering at my hospital at the screening desk and in long term care, volunteering with a local pet shelter, assisting dance classes, and volunteering at special events in my community. I have also done two fundraisers this past year. The first was for the “Heaven Can wait Animal Rescue

Flowers from my fundraiser for Kidney March and the Sheep River Health Trust

Foundation” where I collected items in need and organized a bake sale and gift raffle, resulting in a truck full of items and $500. The second fundraiser I organized was for  “Kidney March” and my local health trust, to raise money I sold flowers that came from a local greenhouse. The fundraiser was very successful, I sold over $3000 worth of flowers and was also able to support a local business during the Covid-19 pandemic. As I began to do more work in my community, it became increasingly difficult to place my support with simply one cause. I needed to find a way to encompass all of my interests into one, which was how I got the idea of beginning a campaign. My personal experiences have taught me the importance of giving back and how truly rewarding it can be, this is something I want to use to inspire others.

Day of the Miss Teen Calgary Pageant where I was crowned Miss Teen Southern Alberta

Winning Miss Teenage Canada would be an amazing experience, one that I know would bring me many new connections. In the time following my crowning at the Miss Teen Calgary Pageant I have already noticed my social media growing significantly, I have also met with different business owners and organizations that have shown me their support. Becoming Miss Teenage Canada 2020 would only further this growth, ultimately giving me more influence. This is very important because it would mean I am looked upon by many more people as a role model, an honour I would not abuse. My platform would be greatly impacted as it would have a much larger audience. Although my campaign may seem quite general, I believe that is a good thing. Because I don’t have a limit set as to where I will place my support, I will be able to cover a diverse selection of organizations or topics. Although some people will show support simply because they believe in helping others, many others would much rather only support causes that align with their main interests. The variety my campaign will consist of will give me the opportunity to connect with many more people, and in the process also share my so far wonderful experiences in the pageant world!

Thank you kindly for reading my first post, I look forward to sharing this journey with you all!

Until next time,

Kealey Atkinson


Written by: Kealey