It can be said with zero doubt that Covid-19 has had a major effect on everyone. The two week order to quarantine was very difficult not only for the people, but also our economy. Turning on the news would only give you more reasons to remain at home. There was no shortage of ways that Cover-19 personally affected me, but the greatest was likely my

The first Flower Delivery!

graduating year of high school. Like all other schools around the world, the graduation ceremony that we had planned was cancelled. As sad as this was for me, it was not my biggest concern at the time. To no ones surprise our fees were dropped, which meant we no longer needed to fundraise to cover them. One fundraiser was selling flowers from a local greenhouse. With all sports and schools cancelling any upcoming events the company lost all of the participants in the fundraising program. I wanted to help the greenhouse and my community during this difficult time, so I decided to proceed with the fundraiser but instead choose local organizations to donate the money to. I also would be able to bring flowers to those who did not want to leave their homes as a safety precaution.

As soon as I talked to the greenhouse regarding whether the fundraiser would be a go or not, I contacted the organizations I wanted to fundraise for. I knew exactly where I wanted the money to go: My local health trust and Kidney March. I volunteer with the Sheep River Health Trust so I saw this as a great opportunity to give back to them, it gave the community fun way to show their support as well. I was also able to deliver flowers to healthcare workers who were unable to go out and buy their own due to the additional shifts they needed to take on. I also chose to donate to Kidney March because of more personal reasons. Earlier this year my aunt was diagnosed with kidney failure, and told she would need a transplant likely within a year. This came as a great shock to the family,

My Aunt(Left), Me, My Mom(Right)

leaving us scared. My mom was especially worried as this is her sister, so she decided to look into becoming her living donor. The donor list is approximately a 10 year wait, this was time we didn’t have. When     Covid-19 reached Canada my mom in the early stages of her testing, a process that has now been lengthened significantly. In this moment we felt quite powerless, so I decided to give back in any way I could.

The fundraiser led to over $3000 in flowers being sold, this resulted in just over $1500 actually getting donated. I split the money 60/40, giving the larger amount to Kidney March because they serve a larger territory. Overall I was very happy with the results. Although the monetary value was not the highest, it wasn’t the only way I was giving. A local business was supported, and very well as they actually sold out of flowers by mid June. I was also able to bring a bit of joy and colour to the area through the actual plants. I was so lucky to have had the communities support throughout my fundraising, if they hadn’t purchased plants I would not have been able to achieve all that I did.

My first official public appearance!

I hope to do the fundraiser again next year, and am also looking into having a pop-up greenhouse so I can sell more plants. It is an amazing feeling to know that I have support when trying raise money, I am very thankful for the active community I live in. Through my Miss Teenage Canada journey I have already gained many new contacts that have offered to help me moving forward. I look forward to seeing what else comes over the next year!

Until next time,

Kealey Atkinson

Written by: Kealey