As Miss Teenage Edmonton, my platform was all about promoting the importance of the arts and artist for youth in my community. Although I haven’t been able to work alongside theatres and art galleries like I hoped to due to covid-19 closures, I have been able to find a way to combine my platform with helping essential workers during this crisis. I hosted an art auction with the help of some amazing artists in my community to raise money for the children’s wish foundation as well as Canada Helps.I was also able to connect and promote some local businesses through sponsorship! Shoutout to ARAE Beauty and Eliasz and Ellie Jewelry! I promoted those artists and their works while fundraising, with the help of my fellow Albertan Pageant Girl, Janaya Iverson, Miss Teenage Alberta 2019.

I am continuing this path and helping a local theatre, Rapid Fire Theatre with helping them find artists and pieces to help them fundraise during this unprecedented era for art. We were very lucky that covid-19 restrictions in Alberta let up and Janaya was able to come to my house where we tried to maintain distance and stay as sanitary as possible!


Written by: Sophia W