Day 5: Kindness Journey to Miss Teenage Canada!

Today I am very blessed for I now understand the purpose of my journey. My journey is where the dance of life takes place this happens between who I once was, and who I am becoming. During this dance, I meet new people to learn their stories and soak in their wisdom, I stumble and have to get over hard challenges, and inspire others. No matter how hard my journey may become I will never give up because I now understand the importance of this journey.

Trading masks for more patterns at the trading post!

I learned this lesson from meeting some very wise first nations at a trading post. They taught me some very important lessons about my culture and helped expand

Learning, growing, and understanding!

my knowledge. Ever since my grandma (kokom) passed away in October, my mom and I have been on this journey of going back and rediscovering our culture and traditions, the knowledge these selfless natives shared with us, and helped us along our journey is something I will be forever grateful for. This story represents the true meaning of being kind; reaching to those in need by identifying their needs, being selfless, and speaking and acting from the truth of the heart!

The stories they shared with me and wise words that filled my heart with still resonate with me and have inspired me even more that I know I am on the right path, the creator is looking out for me, and everything I am doing has reason and purpose for it is truly making a difference! To receive this lesson it gives me the confidence that everything will be okay because I know in my heart my kokum is with me and following along my journey. With the pageant coming so close this gives me hope and a sense of calmness that whatever happens at the pageant creator has a plan for me.

I am so blessed to have been gifted sweetgrass! The meaning behind this is unbelievable and I am so honored and grateful from the bottom of my heart to have been chosen.

I want to use this story and the title Miss Teenage Canada 2020 to inspire kindness through loving yourself. Not just loving who you are right now though, I mean loving your culture by searching for it, loving your journey, and loving your future self by showing up as your future self and the person you aspire to be every day. Every day is a new day to show up as a new you. The best way to change the world is to be the change you wish to see in the world!

Leaving a kindness rock at the trading post!

Written by: Janaya