Day 4: Kindness Journey to Miss Teenage Canada!

“We can’t heal the world today, but we can begin with a voice of compassion, a heart of love, and an act of kindness.”-Mary Davis

On my way to Salut Ste Marie, I met the kindest bikers ever who were so grateful to receive a rock of kindness!

The rock of kindness I gifted the bikers!

The kindness rock I gifted the bikers on my kindness journey today!

Compassion is the theme for today for through the lessons I have learned today I have discovered that compassion is an action word with no boundaries. This ties into one of the nine elements of a kind heart; for a truly compassionate heart is sensitive toward all living things. While implying this element and being extra mindful of it I was able to go beyond my project “Spreading Kindness Rocks” by not only inspiring a world of kindness but also a world of compassion. I did this by gifting complete strangers with a random act of kindness filled with love, and compassion through the symbol of a rock!

The view of the scenic high falls was amazing!

Had to stop for some blueberries in exchange for a rock of kindness!

Made another friend along my kindness journey and gave her an inspirational rock filled with hope, love, and compassion!

On my adventure today I travelled from Terrace, Ontario all the way to Bruce Mines, Ontario leaving a trail of positivity, kindness, and compassion everywhere I graced. I am a strong believer that everything happens in life for a reason. There’ll always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need to change your life, or you’re the one that will change theirs. The diverse set of people I have met already along this kindness journey is amazing and I am so grateful and blessed for so many people to cross my paths either as a lesson or a blessing!

I got to meet the sweetest mother and her two kids by gifting them with a rock of kindness!

Written by: Janaya