Day 3 of MTC!

Day 3 of MTC 2020 was our activity day and it was an absolute blast! We woke up super early to eat breakfast and get to our first activity of the day, Treetop Trekking! Treetop Trekking is a course filled with ziplines, tight ropes, and various obstacle courses. Me and my pageant sisters had so much spending the morning adventuring and challenging ourselves! The rest of the day we spent at the lake and mini golfing on our resort, which was so much fun! The lake was super warm, and had a tubing ride which me and some of the other delegates rode! My group and another group had a competition to see who could stay on theirs the longest but of course Mark, one of our chaperons, decided to rig the competition and told the lifeguards to flip us off the tube on purpose! We then went golfing which was a blast, and then headed back to our room to get ready for our formal dinner! The formal dinner was amazing and it was so great to see everyone all dressed up! We even got to meet Emma, Miss Teenage Canada 2019 and got to ask her some questions about her experience throughout her competition and reign! Today was one to remember and I cannot wait for tomorrow’s prelims! Have an amazing night everyone!

Me and Sophia, Miss Teenage Central Alberta, ziplining!

Mini Golfing!

Eating some delicious Beaver Tails!

Written by: Xara