The past 3 days at Miss Teenage Canada have been absolutely incredible. I am so lucky to have gotten Janaya and Zara as roommates, although there is an age difference it hasn’t kept us from bonding even slightly. For the majority of the day it is “go, go, go”, so we really enjoy any downtime we can spend together. Day 3 was especially busy, leaving me a bit tired while writing this. After waking up we began getting ready for the day’s first activity: Treetop Trekking. I have a minor fear of heights so I honestly was not sure exactly how well I would handle the course, honestly I surprised myself. At the very top of the second course I began to feel uneasy, in response I steadied myself and took deep, calming breaths. I was still able to complete all four of the courses, and I am very glad I did! It was such a fun experience, I would definitely do something similar again but probably stick a bit closer to the ground! After we completed our time at Treetop Trekking, we to the dining hall for lunch then prepared for the next activity.

Zara(left), Me, Sophia Lia(Right)

Our second set of activities included swimming at the lake, going on the floaty-hotdog-rocket, and playing mini golf! As fun as I found the activities, what I found most enjoyable was the conversations with the other delegates. The lake was an excellent opportunity to get to know each other better, one that I was able to take advantage of. I was especially interested in the different worldview’s we all had. Where one grows up and who their influences are have a significant impact on what they believe, and this group of girls is a great example. What I find especially interesting is that despite our various beliefs, we all still get along amazing. This just shows how different the environment is from a place like school. Although our values and ideals are different, we are still able to have respectful conversations. I am very thankful for this, I am able to learn about other’s views and why they have them. I personally have been raised to see situations from many different perspectives as a result of the various views in my family and my ancestors. The conversations that occurred today will hopefully give me a new insight into situations I face in the future and help me to make more educated decisions.

That evening was our “fancy dinner”, so after the lake we all headed back to our rooms to prepare. At dinner we officially met Miss Teenage Canada 2019, Emma Jeapes. It was amazing to have the opportunity to ask her our questions and also hear about her experiences. The greatest advice Emma gave to us was to have fun and enjoy every moment we spend here. I can say with zero doubt that this is what I have been living by this week. There have been numerous “hiccups” for me so far this week, but in that moment there really isn’t much I can do. What is important is that I do not get hung up on these uncontrollable occurrences, but move on and make the most out of it.

With my time here at Miss Teenage Canada half over, and the actual competition just beginning I know that I much appreciate every second. Regardless of the outcome on Saturday night, every delegate will be gaining something. Ultimately you will only get as much out of it as you put in,  so at this point I am diving right in. There are still many delegates I would love to get to know better, aside form the actual competition this will be my priority in the final days!


Until next time,

Kealey Atkinson

Written by: Kealey