The ropes to courage

Yesterday was our activity day where we went to Treetop Trekking, Mini-golfing, and swimming it was a really fun but hard day! Through it all, I learned a very valuable lesson, the lesson of courage. I realized courage isn’t being fearless, courage is being afraid and doing it anyway. I came to this realization while we were Treetop Trekking, for most of the games I was confident and ready for any challenge, for others I got scared a part of me wanted to call out for help or get down. I was scared of falling as I was walking across this thin wire from 1 tree to the next. I was more scared of failing more than I was of falling this was my drive for my courage. With each step I took, I was shaking and scared but with each step, I took a breath and said to myself 1 more step until I made it to the end. I realized courage is grace under pressure. I plan to keep up this courage and imply it to my

Treetop Trekking!

performance and interview today for the preliminary competition and in life in general. This gives me the confidence to go for more dreams and just do it knowing if I have the courage the way I did yesterday I am truly capable of my wildest dreams!

Getting ready to go to Treetop Trekking!

Ready for our fancy supper!

Written by: Janaya