Day 2 already of Miss Teenage Canada pageant week and I am having a blast! So much fun here and days filled with new friends and experiences. Nothing is worth more than that.

Today we woke up bright and early at 7am to eat a delicious nutritional breakfast! Right after that, Nicole and Bri from #beautywhereyouwantit were here and ready to do my makeup and hair! A huge shoutout to them as it really helped me prepare and look but most importantly feel my best. When pageant week gets eventful and super busy, having the extra help takes a lot of stress off your shoulders.

Here is the final hair/makeup look!

Thank you Bri and Nicole!

Afterwards, I headed straight to the waiting area to get our photos taken, as well as a small intro video! It was super simple and the photographer as well as the videographer was excellent at guidance and critiquing for improvement!

Later on, I headed down to mini golf with Kealey, Xara & Exelia to do a videoshoot! It was super interesting to see how it’s all put together. We of course had to take a selfie while we were there, so I might as well share it here 🙂

Finally, I changed into my casual wear for the last part of the shoot- individual indoor shots! It was so fun and I absolutely love modeling, so I was right in my element!

After this, we changed back into our MTC rep for a group shot! Then, dinner was served and we had delicious chicken caesar wraps with tasty fries and cake. Such a great supper!

Thanks for tuning into my day!

xo, Sophia Lia


Written by: Sophia L