Photoshoot and Video Shoot day!

Friends are the people who make you smile brighter, laugh louder, and live better. It’s crazy how close i’ve already became with my fellow pageant sisters. Even though it may be really cheesey the friendships you make in pageantry really do last a lifetime and are one of the best parts of pageantry. Getting to meet and be in a room of inspired, empowered teenagers across Canada who have the same dreams as you is such an amzaing experience and feeling! We are able to lift each other up; because we rise by lifting others!

Getting hair and makeup done!

Getting ready to go into our phoroshoot and video shoot!

Together we are able to inspire eachother and overall become better leaders of tomorrow. Toay’s theme of kindness was appreciating your surroundings by being kind and respecting other people and our

Having fun with my pageant sister Emily Bliss from Ontario!

enviroment. I was able to showcase this the entire day through connecting with other delegates and learning about eachother. I learned how grateful I am to be at such an amazing event with girls just like me working hard for their dreams and goals!

Today we started out the day with a healthy breakfast sponsored by Miss Teenage Canada while my roomates Kealey, Xara, and I started getting our hair done by the fabulous Shannon Bonnett in our room for our Photoshoots and Video shoots. After that we headed to our first photo shoot and video shoot, then we headed back to our room for our lunch sponsored again just like all of our amazing meals by the pageant organizers. Our evening was followed by our second photoshoot and supper! Toay was so much fun and I’m so excited for our fun adventure day tomorrow and to get to know and learn more about my fellow pageant sisters!

My beautiful roomie Kealey and I ready for our photoshoots!

Written by: Janaya