At our mini golf video shoot!

Day 2 of MTC was our official photoshoot and video shoot! This morning we woke up bright and early for hair and makeup and got ready for the shoot, with our amazing hair/makeup artist Shannon! A huge thank you to Shannon for coming in so early to help me and my roommates with our hair and makeup, we absolutely loved it! We quickly grabbed our healthy breakfasts and it was soon time to start our day and begin the process of shooting our photoshoots and video shoots! This consisted of making an intro video, of you introducing yourself, as well as a video of you describing yourself, which will eventually all  be a part of videos that will be shown on the final night! We then went into our indoor photoshoot and took photos there and then got the opportunity to work on another video shoot outside and around the resort. For me and my group of pageant sisters, we got to shoot our part of the video shoot at the mini golf course, which was so much fun! We then got to do our individual outdoor photoshoot and then even got a chance to shoot a big group photo of all of us delegates using a drone!We then went for supper at the dinner hall and got to eat an amazing dinner and cake! For the rest of the night, me and my roomies got to hang out in our room and got the chance to grow closer and get to know each other more! I’m so grateful to share a room with such kind, loving, people like them. 

All ready for our photoshoot!


Me and a couple of my pageant sisters!

Me and my amazing roommates, Janaya and Kealey!

Me and one of my pageant sisters, Sophia!


Today was such a fun day, especially because I absolutely love doing photoshoots! It’s so great to spend time with all my pageant sisters and learn more about them every single day! Tomorrow is our activity day and we have lots planned! Stay tuned to see what we are up to tomorrow!

Written by: Xara