Day 1: Kindness Journey to Miss Teenage Canada!

Roads were made for journeys, not destinations! My goal on our kindness journey is to spread positivity and my platform across Canada with my “Spreading Kindness Rocks

Finally made it to Regina, Saskatchewan

” Project at every little town we stop at, I want to learn as much as I can about the wonderful people I will meet on this journey, and truly take in every moment living to the fullest. This is the way I aspire to live my life and inspire others as well. To share their passions with the world in a positive way, and take in every moment as much as they can. One thing I really learned since COVID-19 hit was how our lives really can change within a very short amount of time so we must always be living every day to the fullest as if it were our last.

Miss Teenage Canada 2020 here I come! Today we left Camrose about noon and drove all the way to Regina, Saskatchewan. Along the way, I left a couple of Kindness rocks in Sweetgrass, Saskatchewan for others to find and be inspired by kindness. Of course, the first animal we saw was Moose. What’s more fitting for our road trip across Canada than to see a Canadian Moose Eh?!


The South Saskatchewan River

Once we finally arrived in Regina we stopped to visit our relatives who live here. My dad’s cousin Cameron Scheelhaase is actually the tuba player in the Saskatchewan Rough Riders Band! Wow, I can’t believe today after 101 years of the Grey Cup they decided to cancel it! Cameron has been a band

Cameron Scheelhaase and I!

member for 27 years and has been to 25 Grey Cups! Is that Saskatchewan Rougher Rider pride or what?! I think the Rough Riders really do have the best fans I honestly lost track of how many flags or shirts I have seen just today alone!

Next stop Dryden, Ontario! Stay tuned for more upcoming exciting blogs as there is only 1 week until the Miss Teenage Canada pageant starts!

Planting Kindness Rocks across Canada!

Written by: Janaya