Day 1 at Miss Teenage Canada!

A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. Today was definitely a beautiful day and started out great! I woke up feeling optimistic and ready for any challenge that came my way. This gave me the opportunity to really take in and appreciate every moment!

I started out the day with breakfast with my mother and sister at our resort the Horseshoe Valley Resort, followed by going back to our room to finish packing and ironing my clothes for the week.

After that, I decided to get something sweet with my sweet pageant sister Xara Miss Teenage Alberta 2020 before registration. What better way to kick off Miss Teenage Canada 2020 than with Beaver Tails?!

Sweet treat with my sweet pageant sister! Xara Miss Teenage Alberta

Once registration began I started meeting other delegates, getting settled into my room, and meeting my 2 beautiful roomies! Xara Miss Teenage Alberta 2020, and Kealey Miss Teen Southern Alberta! Right off the start, we all connected so well and truly started to bond. I can’t wait to see what this pageant week will bring us and how much fun we’re all going to have!

Roommate fun! With Xara Miss Teenage Alberta and Kealey Miss Teenage Southern Alberta!

Then we all went to the PJ and pizza party which was so much fun! We got to meet all the delegates, have cake and pizza, and were showered with gifts from the Miss Teenage Canada pageant organizers in our awesome Swag Bags and from the other delegates. During this time I was able to get to know some of the delegates and gift them with homemade masks, hand sanitizer, and gift bags with the help of my sponsors!

Having fun at the PJ pizza party!

Tomorrow we will be doing our photoshoots and video shoots! Stay tuned for more upcoming exciting posts and blogs the fun is only just beginning! Tomorrow I am excited to start the day by spreading my kindness and positivity through focusing on the good and taking in every opportunity!

Twinning with my roomie Xara!

Written by: Janaya