Well last night was show night. I can’t believe it’s all over. It was a day of rehearsals, hair and makeup and calming nerves.

The runway competition was amazing again. Everyone looked amazing in their gowns and it was nice to finally walk the stage. Swimsuit competition went well also.

I had fun and in the end that’s what matters.

I was honoured to perform my hip hop solo with it being my last year of dance at Urban Beat. I only danced for 3 years so I’m blessed I learned as much as I did in such s short time. Hip hop is my first love since I can be myself and show my sass and personality.

Then we had some fun on the way home in the bus and let loose to some Miley Cyrus. Oh and some fun in the lobby lol… I always stay true to myself and act goofy when I want to. I’m thankful for the girls that joined me. I love you ladies.

Written by: Alyssa