Yesterday was so much fun! I arrived at 3 and got settled into my room only took about an hour to unpack my thousands of bags and outfits! ? Then I met my 2 roommates Maya, and Cassandra/Mark/Even/Jessika (her name is really hard for me to remember so we just decided I would call her whatever name came to mind first! Lol) then we got ready for the pizza party where we met all the girls and had cake! I handed out all my little gifts to all the girls donated from sponsors. Farrah, Maya, Milena also brought gifts for everyone which was so thoughtful! We took pictures, cut the cake, went over rules, and learned something unique about every girl! Wow this week is going to be a whole lot of fun, stay tuned more posts to come! #mtc2019

Unloading the vehicle and saying goodbye!
Hannah Begovic Miss World Canada 2018 helped me with my bags to my room!
I met my roomies! Maya is in the middle and Milena is on the right.
We met and took a picture with Kate Lawrence!
Written by: Janaya