First of All..

So first off I have lived in Alberta all my life so I am super excited to be one of the girls representing this amazing province at Miss Teenage Canada!! I have never participated in a pageant before so being able to go to nationals is pretty cool! When I first signed up for Miss Teenage Alberta I had no idea it was going to be as much fun as it was. All the beautiful young women I met were truly inspirational. I am really looking forward to meeting more of these wonderful girls in Toronto, and sharing this amazing journey with them!

Intro to Me…

A little bit more about me as a person though. One of the things I am most proud about myself is my artistic abilities. I absolutely love anything art related. It is one of my biggest passions. Mostly because it has created so many opportunities for me and has opened many doors for building my future. I use art as a tool to get more involved with things going on in my community. I participate in things like fundraisers by donating my artwork and I also share my knowledge with kids and teach them how to do their own kind of art.

My Artwork

As a student in high school I have always tried to remain involved with things going on. I was a competitive swimmer on the school swim team, I participated in Business Case Competitions at universities in western Canada, achieved honors, I volunteer as often as I can, I am senior editor of the yearbook and of course try to do as much with art as I can. Aside from school activities I love being outside. I do things like go kayaking, hiking and camping as much possible . I live on a farm so all these things come pretty easily to me as I do not have to go very far to do them. My family just has a hobby farm with some horses, dogs and cows. It is not a lot but it keeps us busy!

Picture Intro!


Most of my hobbies consist of academics, visual arts and the outdoors. I have not done a lot in terms of performing arts, such as, acting, singing or dancing. I have done some modelling and public speaking but that is about it, so all of this stuff is definitely going to be new to me. But I am so happy to be doing something new and outside my comfort zone.

Till next time! – Shay 😀

Written by: Shay