Hi everyone! My name is Janaya Iverson, I am the reigning Miss Teenage Alberta 2019! I’m 14 years old born and raised in Camrose Alberta. I just finished grade 8 and I will be now moving forward to high school grade 9 with honours. When I am not dancing 32 hours a week, teaching dance, volunteering, making appearances, and going to school full time. I am a self taught auctioneer! Yes an auctioneer! I learned how to auctioneer when I was only 10 years old and used to steal my dads notes. No I am not a qualified auctioneer… yet. When I turn 16 I am going to Billing’s Montana for a week to get my auctioneer licence! I can’t wait! I have also been a dancer with Ballet Camrose since the age of 2, now I am now pursuing a modelling career through Patti Falconer Modelling Agency. Additionally to completing in Miss Teenage Alberta I have a passion for pageantry and, have had the honour of holding several different titles. Over the past 4 months I have done 90 events with my title as Miss Teenage Alberta. (It’s almost like have a full time job!) My end goal one day is to hold an international pageant title. Look out world! ?

Written by: Janaya