My platform

The platform I have chosen is Cancer because I have lost family and people close to me to the disease. I lost my grandpa at the early age of 56 to a prostate cancer that was in remission and later diagnosed with a second cancer of the GI tract. I never did get to meet him as my mom was pregnant with me during his last months. This breaks my heart, to know he never got to meet me. My mom tells me he would hold his hand on her tummy and smile.

My Uncle Chris was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. It was misdiagnosed for so long that by the time they did diagnose him the cancer had spread to his lymph nodes and later his brain. Melanoma is a very aggressive cancer so Uncle Chris did not have very long. He fought hard with natural treatments and had undergone a couple brain surgeries which turned his 6 months into a couple years. My Uncle passed away in his forties and left behind 2 young children. It was heartbreaking.

” When someone has cancer, the whole family and everyone who loves them does too.” -Terri Clark

We lost my other grandpa to Colon cancer that spread to the brain. He fought hard and went through a remission as well but we lost him a few months later.

“Dear Cancer, Thank you for making me stop and listen and remember what’s truly important. You can go now.”

In hopes to find a cure, I started a fundraiser for my 18th birthday this past May. I managed to reach my goal of 250$ thanks so all my supporters that donated to the cause.

Visiting Alberta Childrens Hospital

On June 19th I traveled to Calgary to visit the Childrens hospital. I stopped in the Cancer unit to donate a bag of stuffed animals for the children that visit there for chemotherapy or have to stay overnight for other issues. We were not allowed to meet with the children due to their compromised immune systems, however the staff were thrilled to accommodate my visit and accept the donations on their behalf. I was thrilled to make this appearance on behalf of Miss Teen Southern Alberta. 

Giving Bears to kids!

Thank you all for taking the time to read about my platform and why it is so important to me.


Written by: Alyssa