Friday was full of so many exciting things! I was so impressed with everything each and every girl brought to the stage tonight!

We started the day pretty early with the usual breakfast at the Local Cafe and Restaurant downstairs from our rooms. Then we hit the bus to make our way to the preliminary venue.

Once we arrived at the venue we all worked our butts off during rehearsals! Shawn choreographed our swimsuit number and we rocked the stage the entire time 😉

As our families and friends began to arrive to watch the competition you could really feel the nerves start to settle in. As everyone put on their evening gowns for the first part of the show I was beyond amazed with how elegant and graceful everyone looked! As we shifted from evening gown to swim suit, we were able to see how elegant princesses could turn into confident and trendy runway models. Everyone definitely had their own style they brought with them to the stage tonight.

As our first day of competitions came to an end, all I can think of is how lucky I have been to take part in such an amazing event with the most intelligent, smart, bubbly young women I have ever met. I wish everyone the best of luck as we find out the top 20 on Sunday.

Till Next Time – Shay 🙂

Written by: Shay