If you were to ask me what day has been my favorite so far, you better believe it was day 3 at wonderland!

We started the day off with an amazing breakfast downstairs in the Centennial residence. Then we hit the road towards Canada’s Wonderland! It was so much fun. My friends and I went on many rides and really made the most out of our day here. I have never been to wonderland till today so all this stuff was very new and exciting for me. There was something amazing around every corner.

It was a very long day with a lot of walking. We were all petty tired by the end of it all so we found a spot to sit near the waterfalls. Darren met us there and took some amazing pictures! I think it is safe to say we were all so happy with his work.

That’s all for this post, I will leave the pictures to do the talking for this one;) Enjoy!

Till Next Time – Shay 🙂

Written by: Shay