Day one at Miss Teenage Canada was so exciting. I started the day off very early in the morning at about 2:30 to catch my flight. My bags were already packed and I was ready to hit the road towards the airport. My flight finally departed from Edmoton and I arrived in Toronto about four hours later! It was a very long morning! When I got off the plane I was greeted by just a handful of my new pageant sisters. The day was finally starting to get exciting! Later that day we got settled into our dorm rooms and met our roomies for the week. My roommates are so incredibly sweet, kind and fun. I love them to bits and we have some great laughs and a lot of fun!

My roommates Chloe, Bonnie and Anoushka!

Later that night we had a PJ pizza party where we got to meet the rest of the delegates that arrived throughout the day! Everyone is so polite and fun 🙂

PJ Pizza Party!

That’s all for day one! Stay Tuned for the rest of the week.

Till next time – Shay 🙂

Written by: Shay