I chose my platform Muscular Dystrophy because my older sister Candace has Muscular Dystrophy. She was diagnosed when she was only 8 years old. Her dad and two uncles also have this disability. Muscular Dystrophy is a disorder where the muscles do not work due to progressive loss of muscle mass. Some cases of it are a slower deterioration than others. One day Candace will be in a wheel chair and have no small motor skills, and struggle with moving like her dad. Today Candace is still good, she does bowling, baseball, swimming, and walking with special olympics which I also volunteer with in my community. Candace also has a job as a dietitian aid at a local old folks home in Camrose and graduated from Camrose Composite High School and Augustana Campus. I’m so amazed with her and love her so much! Of course there are things she struggles with too, she does have a stutter and sometimes gets stiff after a lot of physical activity. Over the past four months I joined forces with my local fire department because they are also advocates for muscular dystrophy. In that time I raised over$ 10 000 for Muscular Dystrophy just by going to events all over Alberta and sharing about my platform with my title Miss Teenage Alberta. ?

Written by: Janaya