Hello everyone! I love pictures and seeing moments being captured. Rainy days just happen to be perfect time to look at pictures, reflect on life, or even dance in the rain! “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s learning how to dance in the rain.”

Not only was it rainy outside today,

Honey Almond Chicken is my favourite kind of pizza!

this weekend was also my last dance competition for this season. This morning I woke up, gave myself a little pep talk while I was getting ready, then went to the Yates in Lethbridge for dance. My last two group dances today were, Hip Hop: “Ex Crew,” and Lyrical: “Summertime,” the dances went great, high gold for both! Overall this comp. season has been very good, busy and lots of fun. After dance today my mom and I went for lunch, ate some delicious, fresh, well deserved pizza, the whole pizza…..and now I’m at home writing this!

Besides being busy with dance competitions just about every weekend, I wanted to talk about a few other things I’ve been up to as well as a bit more about myself. I’m in my school’s choir and Interact Club.

30th Annual Moonlight Run

The Interact Club is about connecting students to help make a change both locally and globally. I had signed up to volunteer for the Moonlight Run before the pageant happened. Other students from primarily the music program and Interact Club also volunteered at The 30th Annual Moonlight Run hosted by Runners Soul. I wore my sash and crown and had the pleasure of greeting all the runners picking up their “racer packages” both days before the Moonlight Run at Casa. There was a lot of people and it was a good way for me to make my first appearance in the community.

Soon after that I had an interview and was in the Lethbridge Herald. This was the second time I’ve ever been in the newspaper, the first being from a free throw competition I was in for basketball when I was in grade six. So the interview part was a whole new experience!

It was also a new experience getting to be in a cinematography video that one of my best friends filmed. He is wanting to get more into filmmaking/directing. The video will be released soon! My acting skills from taking drama classes and being in the school 2015 Fall Drama Production are finally being put to use. I also got to do a Dance Video with Chris Yauck Photography! This was very meaningful to me as dance has been a big part of my life that I keep near and dear to my heart. Chris is an excellent photographer! He also did a photoshoot for me to get my head & body shot for entering the pageant as well as a photoshoot after I got my title with my crown, sash and gown!!!

Speaking of pictures, another highlight out of my life in the past couple of months was getting my picture on the wall at work! One of the many goals I set for 2017 was to get a job. I’m persistent about achieving anything I set my mind to, so I got a part-time job working the odd shift as a banquet server for LA Chefs Catering & Events. The food of one of my favourite parts about work, but probably the sweetest thing is when there is a buffet and I get to talk to guests about the dessert table! I love being at the different events, hearing speeches and having a glimpse all the guests interacting with each other.

I also had the opportunity of getting to go to Calgary on May 3rd, for McHappy Day!

Jocelyn & Tara from CTV Calgary

I attended the Empty Bowl Benefit at the Calgary Food Bank.  I enjoyed my time there getting to meet local celebrities! It was awesome chatting with media, art director for magazines and social media pages, artists, and athletes. Seeing some of the hand painted bowls, the talent was amazing!!!   So pleased I could be a part of it and support the Calgary Food Bank.




Looking forward to my future events. Keep you posted!
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Grace Alexandra
Miss Teenage Alberta 2017


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