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Hello lovelies!

A snap of the ladies greeting you to my blog!

A snap of the ladies greeting you to my blog!

I’d love to give you a little update on some of the recreational* (not for judging overall marks) activities I’ve been up to!

If you’ve kept up with my social media, you’ll know I’m an extremely busy person. In the mere hours of the day I’ve jammed more activities than I would have ever dreamt of doing if I were to come to Toronto on my own.

Curious as to what what I do for fun?

Here we go!


For the photo shoot I had fun mixing up patterns!

Before, you heard me talk of Nuvango; a Toronto based designer clothing brand who sponsored each delegate one item of clothing!
All 54 of us got to learn the secret behind how the give pants that “dance”.
The most interesting thing about this tour was not that every step and process of the business occurred from the one same building, or that they have a photo studio built into their headquarters, or even that they had a “work dog” who roamed around the officer keeping all company… The most interesting thing (to me, at least) was that every single employee dressed like a hipster. Hipster? Yes. I’m talking oversized glasses, ripped skinnies, button up shirts and converse. And I loved it. (Okay, maybe that’s not THE MOST interesting part, I have to admit, the fact that the entire headquarters are run from a refurbished old building is pretty neat too, as well as that they have a rooftop landing and some pretty awesome clothes AND phone cases!)
Overall, I gained a new appreciation for the fashion industry and art, as I learned it from head to toe!…. Or should I say hat to sock 😉.


Another super fun event I partook in was visiting the Bata Shoe Museum! Who ever planned this trip knew what was uppppppp! Every girl loves shoes, but not every girl loves shoes as much as I do! In this fun tour, I got to view the evolution of shoes (Did you know at certain times in the past, the height of your shoe determined your wealth?) as well as view many shoes worn by famous celebrities such as Shaquille O’neal! I was “pumped” go see this, and it did not disappoint!

Shaquille O'neal's REAL SHOE. It was the size of my torso 😳

Shaquille O’neal’s REAL SHOE. It was the size of my torso 😳

I should have started my list with this event, let’s go back to square one. We went to Square One mall! This amazing mall sponsored each delegate a $30 shopping spree, as well as coupons to various stores! The term “shop ’till you drop” was truly applying to me, and my “comfy wedges” didn’t turn out as comfy as I had hoped they would be, and I worried I wouldn’t be able to stand for much longer, so I bought a pair of (for real this time) comfy wedges! I also splurged and bought a new lip colour to add to my collection. MUA! Love it. #SQ1

Can't say no to a gift card!

Can’t say no to a gift card!

Everyone has heard of Nirvana, but not everyone knows that it is also an Indian restaurant! We had the privilege of eating delectable Indian cuisine, while at the same time being filmed as a feature for a Canadian Food TV show! We practiced out Indian dancing, as well as ate so much butter chicken that the food babies were starting to show!


Took so many selfies we worked up an appetite

Golf! When I was younger, I used to golf almost every day with my dad, as we live backed on to a golf course. My younger brother would always join, and eventually he caught up to my skill. Once my brother passed my golfing abilities, I averted my attention to other hobbies (I mean, who wants their younger sibling to be better than them, am I right?). Today, my younger brother is the junior club champion at a local course, and on the day of my competition, he will be competing in his biggest golf tournament to date. I am very proud of him, and used some tips he taught me as I was given putting, chipping, and driving lessons, and I even ended up in FINALS for the putting contest (thanks Mat!). This all was at the wonderful Ryall Golf Academy, and even if they didn’t give us each flowers, it still would be considered one of my favourite memories on trip so far!



After a day of showing off some fancy UV arm sleeves on the golf course, we were treated to an AMAZING lunch at the club house, and we even got to meet some ex Toronto Maple Leaf players who stopped by for a golf tournament!


To end the night off, we got to put our video game skills to the test at Dave and Buster’s Arcade after enjoying supper at their restaurant.

Today, I FINALLY GOT TO WORK OUT! Staying active is something very very important to me, and with the hype of this week, I haven’t had the chance to go to a gym or work out! Today, we had an amazing workout with The Fitness Project, focusing on strength, cardio, and flexibility. It felt awesome. (Fun fact, I would do 30 mins of cardio + weight training every day for months leading up to nationals, as well as followed strict eating guides, so although my body may not be perfect, I definitely worked to get the way I am, and saw positive changes in my body and mind along the way)

Swimsuit ready

Swimsuit ready

*hunger games whistle*
Remember dodgeball? Yeah you do. It’s a favourite by teenagers. Miss Teenage Canada doesn’t just find “normal” teenagers though, it looks for OUTSTANDING teenagers, and so we have been doing everything up styled, including our clothing choices. We also decided to upgrade “normal” dodgeball, and add some emphasis to our competitive sides by adding BOWS AND ARROWS to the mix. That’s right. Take away the dodgeball me and replace it with a real life hunger games scene. Talk about a good time at Archer’s Arena. #gameoffoam #combatarchery #archeryarena #toronto

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Throne of victory

Imagine a burrito. Good. Now imagine sushi. Awesome. Now imagine a burrito sized sushi roll. Perfect. Soooooo perfect. That’s what I had from lunch from Fish’d by Edo.  It is now my new favourite food… It was too good.



And what am I doing RIGHT NOW? Well obviously I’m doing what I love; writing. What else? Resting, as tomorrow I have a big day hitting the national stage for the first time in Premilimary Judging. Wish me luck ❤️

Thanks for checking in, hope your days are going as great as mine are!

Took so many selfies we worked up an appetite

fun fun fun and fun

Lots of love,
Chloë C

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The 2016 Search for Miss Teenage Canada has officially begun!

In the running!

In the running!


noun re·sil·ience \ri-ˈzil-yən(t)s\

Resilience; Waking up at 2:30 am to ensure airport deadlines are met, to find your early morning flight has been DELAYED (insert dramatic music sound effects). Although your eyes are stinging from being so tired that you accidentally stabbed your eye with your liquid eyeliner, you patiently wait until boarding is called. After loading the airplane and awkwardly jamming a gown bag through the isles, buckling up, and finally relaxing, the plane roars as it speeds up for take off. However, the pleasant stay is cut short as a screeching halt causes bag to fly forward, and a slightly rattled flight attendant explains that we are experiencing engine failure and need to immediately evacuate. Three EXTRA flights later (that’s right, they ended up flying me to London) and many added hours, I arrive in Toronto at 4:25 to be greeted by 3 other girls in crown and sash attire.

My view of the beautiful sunrise!

My view of the beautiful sunrise!

This proud representative of Alberta was ready to take on Toronto to do my thing.

6:30- Imagine stepping into a room and seeing nothing but glitter. Glitter shoes, glitter crowns, glitter dresses, glitter makeup, I could swear the pizza even had glitter on it.

Opening ceremonies. This is it. At this point the Airport Holiday Inn had 65 girls eagerly balancing on their platform heels. The words “extravagant,” “energetic” and “exuberant,” can not only be used to best describe myself, but overall the energy of the room as a whole.

A reunion with friends I made in regionals!

A reunion with friends I made in regionals!

Let’s talk opening ceremonies? There was cake, sparkles, and lots of cheering! Sounds more like a party to me! The constant flashing of cameras and videos didn’t give time for anyone to even consider how jet lagged they felt (although some of us had been awake since 2:30am!). The walls were lined with sponsors who offered everything from chocolate tasting samples, to taking pictures with a bow and arrow, to clothing! To put it simply, it was a blast! (Seriously, we even had a mini golf tournament!)

The night would not have been this fun if it were not for our AMAZING sponsors! They kept us pumped up and fuelled with free products they offered. Nothing keeps your running on less that 3 hours of sleep than some good dark chocolate!

Introducing *drumroll please!* welcoming our SPOONNNSORRRS!!!!



I don’t know about you, but I have an extreme appreciation for art. Nuvango is a clothing line which displays art and abstract patterns on their clothing! Sounds like a “hue”-ge hit! I don’t even know where to st”ART” talking about how fun this was! All of the contestants became walking MASTERPIECES as Nuvango offered designer clothes and a full length mirror for us to try on. What was intriguing about this was every piece was uniquely different! Picasso, not quite, but we all felt as famous as the MonaLisa wearing the offered tanks, shirts, and leggings (one item per person)! Later in the week our ensemble will be making a visit to the Nuvango headquarters (Tuesday July 19) to strut our stuff in style! EXCITING


Holding up clothing items with the representative!

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Written by: Chloe

🌟🌟🌟Hey you, look over here! 🌟🌟🌟



Made you look! (Sneaky, eh?) You see, the power of drawing attention to something is a powerful skill that is useful in many situations.

The most recent situation I needed to use the skill of grabbing attention was by creating a banner to possibly be displayed at the upcoming Miss Teenage Canada pageant. Rumor has it, the most proficiently created poster WILL be displayed at the pageant.

The actual dimensions of this poster are 33x80 inches... There will be a link below to access the best quality image!

The actual dimensions of this poster are 33×80 inches… There will be a link below to access the best quality image!



  • Before creating a banner, I first needed to establish a colour scheme. The goal; be feminine, yet BOLD. Show strength, yet elegance, through my use of colours.
    *But why should I show boldness?*
    Not only are bold colours eye catching, but being bold is an attribute commonly found in leaders, a quality that Miss Teenage Canada searches for within its contestants. Elegance? That’s just common sense (we practice our heel walking to make sure our elegance is of mastery!) The result, rich royal purples and outstanding orange and golds.
  • Of course, I needed to incorporate the title, and did so by making it stage front and centre, not completely keeping the original logo, however alluding to the original symbol by keeping similar fonts and placing! I wanted to incorporate originality with a classic icon.
  • This is miss teenage CANADA, and so I was sure to sprinkle the banner with a plethora of thoughtfully placed maple leafs, a symbol of true Canadian dedication.
  • The crowns? Don’t get me wrong, this is still a pageant! Crowns are an iconic symbol of pageantry, and so needed to include that on my poster! Another iconic symbol of pageantry? A sash!
  • Sashes are often used to bring attention to our title and label us to strangers so they know who we are, so why not use this classic use of a sash to bring attention to something else very important; their slogan. On the sash, it says “be-YOU-tiful”, a shortened version of the original slogan empowering everyone to be beautiful by being themselves. However, I also made sure to include the entire slogan “be your own kind of beautiful” through smart placing of words, so that both symbols flow together smoothly.image

Good people from Sign Source Solution are donating this banner, so I can’t forget to talk about them! Sign Source Solutions is located in Toronto, designing and supplying all types of banners. They provide design, sign consultation, installation and maintenance service, and do this for all different types of formats! They can work with strict deadlines and will get back to you in a timely manner to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Types of services they offer are listed below!

Services offered

Services offered

Thanks for showing your interest, see you soon!

Miss Teenage Alberta 2016

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Can you guess where I am?

-I am the highest elevated town in Canada
-since 1996, I have 4 000 000 visitors travel to see me every year, although my population is merely 6 700 people
-I am the home of Alberta’s southernmost herd of the endangered woodland caribou
-I contain Canada’s largest cave system
-I have in excess 1000 glaciers

Did you guess Banff? If you did, jump for joy! (just look out for falling rocks or mountain edges!) Because you got it right!

Majestic Lake Moraine

Majestic Lake Moraine

Banff is absolutely one of the most compelling tourist attractions in Alberta, throughout my blog learn the reasons why!

I like to go to Banff to ____________________.
The amazing thing about that question is, that if you simply ask this question to strangers on the street in Banff, every person will tell you something different. Personally, I like to go to CAMP, HIKE, and sightsee. However, some people will answer, “helicopter ski,” or “photograph bears and moose” or “hot tub in the hot springs!”

Banff is super diverse, landscapes taking a major role, so here they are:


Every year, over four million (!!!) people travel from all across the world, just to visit Alberta’s beautiful Banff. Part of the attraction of Banff is the diverse natural landscapes found within this national park.

Being a proud Albertan, Banff National Park is always one of my favorite “must travel to” locations. Regularly living in the prairies, it’s common for me to get accustomed to seeing pale yellow fields and fresh crops. And fields. And crops. And fields and crops. But Banff is a beautiful change of scenery, as it’s anything BUT fields and crops.


Banff is home to the ROCKY MOUNTAINS! Amazingly, these mountains give you a true perspective on size and significance of the world, as the collision of tectonic plates made mountains that rise to unfathomable heights, rising several kilometers upwards. Banff has 13 main mountains, each individually named, and they range from 45 to 120 MILLION years old. These mountains are the hosts of many daring summer hiking trails and winter ski slopes.


The Rocky Mountains!


Banff lake

How gorgeous is this??

Often recognized for their brilliant blue or turquoise colour, Banff is the home of many famous Canadian lakes. Lake Louise, the most famous lake in Canada is included in this list! What is so cool about these lakes? They’re glacier fed! In fact, it’s so cool you may not want to take a swim in them, as during the majority of the year you are risking hypothermia. BRRRRR!


Imagine walking on glass-appearance ice, surrounded by white snow covering all you can see. Sounds like a scene from Frozen, doesn’t it? But, it’s not! Banff is known for its ice fields, with tours leaving every half an our to take you to see this magnificent site.LakeLouise.jpg


One, two, or maybe a couple thousand or few. Banff has over a THOUSAND glaciers preserving part of the world’s small supply of fresh water. Banff offers a very unique way to view these… with a skywalk! Here, you can walk on a glass platform suspended on mountain edge where you can view this gorgeous natural phenomenon.


Put the Banff Upper Hot Springs at the top of your list of things to do in Banff. Soak in the steamy hot mineral water where travellers have come to ‘take the waters’ for over a hundred years. When in Banff do as the locals do – come in the morning for the most relaxing visit.

The top five minerals found in the Banff Upper Hot Springs are:

• Sulphate- 572 mg/l
• Calcium- 205 mg/l
• Bicarbonate- 134 mg/l
• Magnesium- 42 mg/l
• Sodium- 6.6 mg/l

Water temperature is kept between 37ºC and 40ºC.
At 1,585 meters of elevation (5,200 feet), the Banff Upper Hot Springs is the highest in Canada. Water volumes from the spring are affected by this unique location and may fluctuate. Currently,100% natural mineral water is flowing at the Banff Upper Hot Springs


Banff homes rich coniferous forests, crawling with animals from vicious grizzly bears, to silent cougars, to energetic squirrels. These forests are great for hiking, biking, or simply breathing in the fresh air. The tree line,(dominantly lodge pole pine) is abruptly cut off by glaciers, yet is still rich with plants and wildlife. Just be careful to always travel with a buddy and don’t forget your bear scare!


One of the amazing things is that, due to relatively low light pollution, at night you can see a brilliant display of stars, as well as it is common to catch a phenomenal show display of the Aurora Borealis (the northern lights). S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G.




-Gondola Rides
-Skateboarding (yes, they have a park!)
-Swimming (lakes BRRR and pools and hotsprings)
-Walking Trails
-Various tours (glacier viewing, rafting, cave exploring, historical site visits, etc.!)





Yes, this is an actual form of travel!

-Dogsled Tours (because who doesn’t love dogs?)
-Snowmobile Tours
-Snow Tubing
-Helicopter tours
-Sleigh Rides
-Sightseeing Tours
-Winter Rentals
-Ice walks (don’t slip!)
-Skiing/ Snowboarding (a fan favorite, I prefer to ski!)
-Heli Skiing (hope you’re not scared of heights!
-Cave Tours
-Ice Fishing
-Ice Climbing (this is seriously something out of a spy movie)


The Nakoda (Stoney) and other First Nations originally inhabited the area. Banff was first settled in the 1880s, after the transcontinental railway was built through the Bow Valley. In 1883, three Canadian Pacific Railway workers stumbled upon a series of natural hot springs on the side of Sulphur Mountain. In 1885, Canada established a federal reserve of 26 km2 around the Cave and Basin hot springs, and began promoting the area as an international resort and spa as a way to support the new railway. In 1887, the reserve area was increased to 673 km2 and named “Rocky Mountain Park.” This was the beginning of Canada’s National Park system.
The area was named Banff in 1884 by George Stephen, president of the Canadian Pacific Railway, recalling his birthplace in Banff, Scotland. The Canadian Pacific built a series of grand hotels along the rail line and advertised the Banff Springs Hotel as an international tourist resort.
The Banff townsite was developed near the railway station as a service centre for tourists visiting the park. It was administered by the Government of Canada’s national parks system until 1990 when the Town of Banff became the only incorporated municipality within a Canadian national park.
An Internment camp was set up at Banff and Castle Mountain in Dominion Park from July 1915 to July 1917.
In 1985, the United Nations declared Banff National Park, as one of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, a World Heritage Site. Banff remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada.

Banff MM


My personal favorite part of Banff National Park is the wildlife. Driving along the highways, it’s not an uncommon sight to see a heard of elk or a mother bear with some cubs. Animals I have seen in Banff alone are: mule deer, wolves, coyotes, black bear, grizzlies, bighorn sheep, elk, squirrels, mountain pine beetle, foxes, various birds of prey including the bald eagle and many owls.

Come discover this unprecedented land and explore the wonders it has within it. Who knows, you might even see me there 😉

Bye for now,
Miss Teenage Alberta 2016

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In honor of Canada Day, I am dedicating a blog post to my pure love for this country.

A wise man once said, “you can’t buy happiness, but you can live in Canada, and that’s pretty much the same thing.”

This quote is one of the best quotes I can find to describe Canada, and so I would love to share with you some of the reasons why Canada is so amazing.

On Candada Day I got to do a ball throw at the MH Maverick's Baseball game!

On Canada Day I got to do a ball throw at the MH Maverick’s baseball game!

  • – Rather than being a “melting pot” to cultures, we a are a mosaic, beautiful and strong, reflecting all different cultures within our country. Rather than forcing all to assimilate into one culture, we respect and value the diversity in which makes up the beauty of our country.
  • – Please, thank you, sorry, eh? Canada has developed our own type of lingo that is familiar with almost all citizens… The best part? We almost overuse our manners and are sincere in their use, helping to make our country extremely welcoming and polite to all <3
  • Poutine. Need I say more?
  • – Machine washable money!!!! (That even is colorful and can’t rip, and even smells like maple syrup!)
  • – Our seasons say it all. From frosty bare tree arms, to vibrant orange blankets coating the autumn ground, to heatwave blurred scorching yellow prairie sunsets, to pink blossoms peeking from the earth, our seasons are beautifully expressive.
  • – I can walk down the street and know that I don’t have to be scared. Know that because of my country, I am free. I can know I am protected and safe.
  • – We are incredibly diverse. Mountains, oceans, prairies, forests, lakes, we have it all.
No better way to spend Canada Day than with family!

No better way to spend Canada Day than with family!

And that’s just a start!

Keep watching for more posts soon!

Bye for now,
Miss Teenage Alberta 2016

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