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Made you look! (Sneaky, eh?) You see, the power of drawing attention to something is a powerful skill that is useful in many situations.

The most recent situation I needed to use the skill of grabbing attention was by creating a banner to possibly be displayed at the upcoming Miss Teenage Canada pageant. Rumor has it, the most proficiently created poster WILL be displayed at the pageant.

The actual dimensions of this poster are 33x80 inches... There will be a link below to access the best quality image!

The actual dimensions of this poster are 33×80 inches… There will be a link below to access the best quality image!



  • Before creating a banner, I first needed to establish a colour scheme. The goal; be feminine, yet BOLD. Show strength, yet elegance, through my use of colours.
    *But why should I show boldness?*
    Not only are bold colours eye catching, but being bold is an attribute commonly found in leaders, a quality that Miss Teenage Canada searches for within its contestants. Elegance? That’s just common sense (we practice our heel walking to make sure our elegance is of mastery!) The result, rich royal purples and outstanding orange and golds.
  • Of course, I needed to incorporate the title, and did so by making it stage front and centre, not completely keeping the original logo, however alluding to the original symbol by keeping similar fonts and placing! I wanted to incorporate originality with a classic icon.
  • This is miss teenage CANADA, and so I was sure to sprinkle the banner with a plethora of thoughtfully placed maple leafs, a symbol of true Canadian dedication.
  • The crowns? Don’t get me wrong, this is still a pageant! Crowns are an iconic symbol of pageantry, and so needed to include that on my poster! Another iconic symbol of pageantry? A sash!
  • Sashes are often used to bring attention to our title and label us to strangers so they know who we are, so why not use this classic use of a sash to bring attention to something else very important; their slogan. On the sash, it says “be-YOU-tiful”, a shortened version of the original slogan empowering everyone to be beautiful by being themselves. However, I also made sure to include the entire slogan “be your own kind of beautiful” through smart placing of words, so that both symbols flow together smoothly.image

Good people from Sign Source Solution are donating this banner, so I can’t forget to talk about them! Sign Source Solutions is located in Toronto, designing and supplying all types of banners. They provide design, sign consultation, installation and maintenance service, and do this for all different types of formats! They can work with strict deadlines and will get back to you in a timely manner to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Types of services they offer are listed below!

Services offered

Services offered

Thanks for showing your interest, see you soon!

Miss Teenage Alberta 2016

Written by: Chloe
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  1. Gerry and Erma Schroeder says:

    Chloe…..you never cease to amaze us….this is the most elegant banner.
    WOW is all I can say
    GOOD LUCK an GOD BLESSx0x0x0
    Love you to pieces

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